Norse Projects brings Scandinavian sensibility straight from Copenhagen. Started in 2009, they blend workwear, streetwear, and high fashion under the leadership of Creative Director Tobia Sloth. They've also done popular collaborations with well-known brands like Vans and Doc Martens.
Norse may be best known for their iconic branded caps and knitted beanies, but they excel just as much at sleek basics for every season.

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Layer Me Down

Super packable, micro-ripstop, padded Pertex driven coziness. This cardigan will slip under any rain shell or jacket to give you ultimate control over your comfort, without killing the vibe. This grey-to-seafoam-green is another example of the Norse color greatness.

Retro Ragalia

Retro burnt orange colorsteam up with Gore-Tex comfort and breathability. Inspired by a far away wilderness where day hiking and camping (glamping?) are preceeded by a cafe stop and a really crispy criossant. Meet your best down gilet today.

Knited Escape

Have you ever dreamt of running off to a wilderness escape at a lone cabin in the vast Danish countryside? Me too, every Tuesday. This is that dream, brought to life to snuggle you in some soft merino wholesomeness.