thank you for being part of our little dream


Thank you

Thank you all so much for believing in our little shop. Thank you to those who made a special trip to visit us while in Amsterdam, to the locals who regularly brightened our days, and to our online customers around the world. Thank you to our brands for being such unparalleled partners and some of our greatest advocates. Thank you to our family and friends for lifting up this dream of ours and cheering us on the whole way. The support from our community has meant everything to us, and we're so grateful.


From the people
5 star experience all over. The shop carries a carefully curated selection of Japanese and European brands.
— P.O.
Great quality garments, interesting brands, and super friendly and knowledgeable owners. My new favorite store in Amsterdam.
— T.K.
Brilliant menswear-focused shop in the heart of the city. A carefully curated, thoughtful selection of brands that you can’t find anywhere else in Amsterdam/the Netherlands. Absolutely top notch.
— C.R.