By Cofounder Alejandro

I have been a menswear enthusiast for a long time and used to dream of the opportunity to get creative and run my own business. I have a thing for well made clothes. I believe that dressing for a dynamic lifestyle shouldn’t come at the cost of character or design. I also appreciate global designers who innovate and introduce new life into our styles.

When my partner and I moved to Amsterdam from the US a year ago, we fell in love with the city’s culture, urbanism, food, and international vibe. But since we arrived, I've felt like there was a gap in the European market for the type of clothing shop I wanted.

Our corporate jobs are what brought us here, and as the months went by, I came to fork in the road professionally: stay the course in a job I'd had for a decade, or go after my creative dream? I decided to take the leap and open a shop for enthusiasts, by an enthusiast.

The gap I saw in the market exists between the denim and streetwear hype and was a market that was oddly missing a voice. To me, Amsterdam itself was missing this voice. I think about the close-knit,  contemplative fashion community I’ve met throughout the years and I want to bring them what I think they're looking for–what I've been looking for as a member of that community. Casual, but refined, with a techy touch and a timeless style. It's not chasing hype. It's feeling effortlessly put together, cosmopolitan, mature yet youthful. I want to help you dress the way you want and be prepared for the life you live.

What excites me about opening Tempest Works is the ability to connect people with labels across the globe and realize a vision of a lasting yet exciting wardrobe. I can't wait to provide a top-notch experience in our online store and become an amazing in-person shopping destination for aficionados of premium casual menswear. I also hope to bring my flavor (dorky) and sense of levity to the project.

Thanks for joining me on this journey–I'm so glad you're here.

January 16, 2022 — Alejandro Gutierrez