Hoi! We’re Alejandro and Leah, a pair of Americans who have been living in Amsterdam for the past year. We’ve fallen in love with the city: its culture, infrastructure, food, and active lifestyle have been an absolute dream. But we also came here with dreams of our own.

Like with many immigrants, our corporate jobs brought us here. As we settled into our groove in Amsterdam, we hit a professional fork in the road: should we stay the course or take a chance on a venture we'd always hoped to create? We decided to take the leap.

We've both always been into fashion, design, and art. For many years, Alejandro has been active in an online menswear community full of enthusiasts (perhaps geeks?) for high-end casual menswear. Once we got to Amsterdam, we felt like there was an opening to fill in just that niche–not quite tech wear, not quite streetwear, not straight-up denim, but something in between, something contemporary yet timeless, and of the highest quality.

So here we are, many months later, and we're so fortunate to say that our dream is reality. We're honored that you're joining us on this journey. We truly feel like the events of both of our lives have come together to lead us to this point. Or, as Antonio says in William Shakespeare's The Tempest, "What's past is prologue." We can't wait to see what happens next.

Wondering why we decided to open Tempest Works? Read Alejandro's post in our blog, Field Notes. You can also learn more about us here.

January 16, 2022 — Leah Anderson
Tags: About Us