It's rare to find a brand these days that retains its decades-old traditions while adopting modern practices that prioritize sustainability, but Kleman manages to do just that. We're pleased to offer this French brand for spring-summer 2022, its first season at Tempest Works.

The line we know today as Kleman launched in 1988, but its history traces through the Cléon family in France all the way back to 1945. Their roots are in work shoe production: they've outfitted the French national railway (SNCF), the French Army, Air France, and many others.
Kleman Eco Friendly Leather

Kleman proudly produces its shoes entirely in France at the Cléon factory in La Romagne. Their values are proximity, premium materials, French know-how, and sustainability, all of which make up what Kleman calls their "French manifesto." Kleman's commitment to sustainability ranges from its carefully chosen materials, like chrome-free leathers produced in LGW-certified tanneries, to its high production standards that minimize waste and water and energy usage.

Kleman is truly timeless and resistant to fickle trends, which they accomplish, in their own words, "by offering a raw and authentic unisex style." We know you'll enjoy their sturdy, wearable, and dapper styles.

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Images provided by Kleman

April 03, 2022 — Leah Anderson