Tempest Works was founded by a couple of Americans, so it's not surprising that we have a soft spot for Americana in design. This style is one of many reasons why we're happy to welcome Fujito into the shop for SS22.
The line's designer Go Fujito develops each collection out of Fukuoka in southern Japan, and ensures that the majority of production also takes place on Japan's southernmost island, Kyushu. Fujito is all about comfort and simplicity; they aim to make functional clothes that last. But despite this simplicity, no detail is lost in Fujito's design or production, from traditional dyeing techniques to carefully selected yarns.
Fujito's SS22 collection is all about clean simplicity, like their big silhouette shirts, as well as nods to Americana and military style, like their fatigue jackets. But above all, each piece is as Fujito intends: comfortable, functional, and classic.
March 06, 2022 — Leah Anderson