Socks are one of those items you often don't think about until you've found a really great pair. That's why we're pleased to introduce Rototo in their first season at Tempest Works. With discerning yarn choices, a meticulous manufacturing process, and classic design, Rototo weaves together traditional methods with modern technology to produce some truly excellent knits.

Rototo's manufacturing takes place in Nara Prefecture in central Japan, just south of Kyoto and Osaka. Nara is Japan's largest sock producing region, with the industry dating back more than 100 years. Rototo proudly carries the tradition of what Nara producers call "sock weaving" through to today.

A little touch to look out for when choosing your Rototo socks: all pairs come wrapped in a band made of excess fabric generated in the knitting process. The bands help reduce overall production waste and plastic usage, and the color of the band indicates the size of the socks. In addition to socks, we also carry accessories from Rototo like beanies and caps.

Rototo says their goal is to "change people’s lives through the way they think about their feet," and we can see that in every detail. We're pleased to carry these genuinely comfortable, top-quality socks.

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March 02, 2022 — Leah Anderson