The Paraboot brand has been around for nearly 100 years, since 1927. Founder Rémy Richard named it after Para, a port city in the Amazon, and a new-fangled style of shoe he discovered in the United States, boots.

Today, Paraboot continues to make iconic styles of exceptional quality. All their shoes are handmade in Europe, with production in France, Italy, and Spain. They source 77% of their leather from Europe, with the remaining portion being Cordovan leather sourced from America. Many pairs of Paraboot are still hand-stitched with Norwegian welts or Blake stitching onto genuine rubber soles.

Paraboot is one of those rare shoe brands that truly look good with everything. They'll elevate your outfit without overshadowing it, and they'll make you look put together with ease. Even better, each pair is so well constructed with such high-quality materials that they're comfortable from day one.

We're so pleased to have Paraboot as part of our curated collection at Tempest Works. They bring that perfect balance of casual and sophisticated that is exactly what we're all about.