Still by Hand got its start in 2000 when the designer Yusuke Yanagi returned to Japan from fashion school in the UK. The brand's guiding principle is making garments with Japanese materials, in Japan, which they achieve with factories from Aomori to Hiroshima. They've been international since 2015, when it expanded from Japan to select shops around the world, and we're honored to be one of them.

Still by Hand embodies understated elegance with its breezy, relaxed fits, neutral palette, and pristine yet not-too-perfect materials. Their collections express balance between structure and flow, polished and rumpled, casual and formal. Their production preserves the minute details that can be erased by an assembly line, giving their clothes the feel of still being made by hand.

In their own words, Still by Hand is "something you can wear, probably not to show off, but to make your every day a little bit different.