1ST PAT-RN was founded in 2012, as a personal research project alongside the creative consultancy that Silvia and Cristiano still love to do today.

The inspiration to create their own line came from two significant sources. One was images from old magazines like PER LUI, which gave quintessentially Anglo-American styles a more Italian feel. The other was their passion for sifting through vintage markets, where they'd collect a variety of pieces, from military garments to civilian garb and workwear from any era, source and use.

The brand's name comes from wording that they found in a military shirt from the Second World War: “first pattern,” which can mean “first prototype” or also “first in a series.”

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Over time, 1ST PAT-RN has developed a straightforward mission: to design garments that are timeless, do not fit into predefined trends or styles, and modernise the details, seams, and functionality of the pieces that they are often derived from, without creating replicas or wanting to replace the models that inspired them.

Fabric has always been 1ST PAT-RN's most important focus when designing their collections. Fabric research is the foundation upon which Silvia and Cristiano built their entire design and production process for the garments. We certainly agree with and highly support this methodology.

1ST PAT-RN's designs have been crafted and iterated upon. These are garments that took shape over the course of many steps and tests, a little like the brand's journey, which has been made up of a lot of trials, experiences, and learning.