Melange Ankle Socks - Black Light Blue Pink


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Color: Purple

These are purple, right? Well, the combination of black, pink, and blue turn to purple. Knitted mixing three colors of organic cotton yarn on a low gauge knitting machine. These simple Rototo socks are easy to wear with sneakers or sandals. The contrast toe and heel are reinforced for wear and the depth of melange color will really make you want to wear them often. Great color options all around so we couldn't just pick one.

  • Black with hints of pink and light blue (but looks purple)
  • Also available in orange/khaki/green and navy/green/yellow
  • 93% cotton, 5% nylon, 2% poly
  • Ankle height
  • Great for sneakers or mules
  • Made in Japan
  • R1411   BLK/LBL/PNK BLP


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