Brushed Bull Denim Bouldering Pants - Brushed Navy

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A signature from Battenwear, the Bouldering Pant is a work of granola art. The details that really pull them together are the articulated knees, the nylon belt with quick release, zip pockets, and of course the gusset at the crotch, all of which allow for maximum mobility.

This model has been paired up with Brushed Bull Denim as the fabric of choice which is really a great combination. Bull denim has a unique 3:1 twill ratio for warp over weft, giving the fabric a very firm and uniform build. This also means these take dyes and color extremely well, which is how these have such a deep blue in such a muted tone. To finish off the deal, Battenwear has opted to brush the bull for a nice soft hand to balance out the weight and canvas like construction. One of our favorite fabrics of the season. 
  • Brushed Navy: A paler navy that is still on the darker shade, muted blues with lightness that keeps these from leaning towards black
  • 12oz Brushed Bull Denim
  • Soft but sturdy fabric, like a softer version of canvas
  • Articulated knees
  • Nylon belt with quick release
  • Zip pockets
  • Gusset at crotch (p.s. do you know how hard it is to photograph this?)
  • Elasticated waist and hems
  • Made in USA
  • Brand Style: 403-03 Bouldering Pants
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Brushed Bull Denim Bouldering Pants - Brushed Navy