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Menfort Herringbone Overshirt - Stone Khaki

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The Menfort is a button-up overshirt from Barbour that evokes country hikes with its wooly texture and town elegance with its herringbone pattern. It has a tailored fit that looks great on its own and layers just as well over a lighter shirt or tee. If casually put-together is your thing, this shirt belongs in your closet. This overshirt runs double duty. Do you want to wear this as a light jacket? You got it. Do you want to wear it as a cozy woolen top with extra utility in the hand pockets? You got that too.

  • Stone khaki herringbone pattern
  • 41% wool, 39% polyester, 15% acrylic, 4% polyamide
  • Chest pocket
  • Button front
  • Hand pockets! For your hands!
  • Long sleeves
  • Barbour branded side flag
  • Dry clean only
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