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Relaxed Fit Sweat Shorts - Light Army Green

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Color: Green

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Show everyone that leg day is worth it with these cool sweats from Merz B Schwanen. These casual sweat shorts have your legs covered (literally) whether you're training hard or taking a leisurely walk. The looped organic cotton inside guarantees a pleasant feeling on your skin. Comfy af. 

  • Light army green, like they were once a vibrant green and have been sun faded over years, when actually they are brand new and dyed specially to meet this retro look
  • Two pockets on the side
  • One pocket at the back
  • Natural canvas drawstring band
  • Webbed and gusseted pocket and flex points

Merz tag sizing ****

5-M | 6-L | 7-XL | 8-XXL

We recommend sizing UP in Merz sweats. If you typically wear a size 32/M, a size 6-L would be recommended by us for a great relaxed fit.



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